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the foo fighters cd is so awesome,  the pretender is still the best song on the album, the cd overall is less heavier than in your honor, which is about their heaviest.   ballad for the beaconsfield miners sounds like a country jigg, it's interesting without vocals.

well thats about it
Aye, why did I chose to do E.P. Thompson's   Making of the English Working Class. It is so bloody dense and I was the only one stupid enough in my class to chose it, that must tell you something. Bloody Hell. I never want anybody else to read this unless you need a good remedy for sleep, or want to be confuzzeld and have the dictionary become your new best friend. 

In other news, the Bill Clinton biography is highly entertaining. Can't wait until I get to Monica.
I have been meaning to post this for a while. I am super stoked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Foo Fighters 6th studio album slated for SEPT. 25th RELEASE!

The Colour And The Shape 10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition In Stores Now!

Foo Fighters have announced the title and track listing for their forthcoming new album, which will be released September 25th on Roswell/RCA. "Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace" is the band's sixth studio release and marks the first time the band has worked with producer Gil Norton since 1997's double platinum The Colour And The Shape, which is reissued this week as a remastered 10th anniversary deluxe edition featuring six bonus tracks.

Tracklist for Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace is as follows (sequence TBD):

The Pretender
Let It Die
Long Road To Ruin
Come Alive
Stranger Things Have Happened
Cheer Up, Boys (Your Make-Up Is Running)
Summers End
Ballad Of The Beaconsfield Miners
But, Honestly

my last post clearly shows that lj will never die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

even though we have facebook, we will still have lj for the rants. 

my rant:

i have come to school today, to find that my 3 hour class has been cancelled on a whim, and dragged my ass out of bed in this piss pour of a rain, now for one hour of lectures, with notes i could have gotten online. 


I am thinking now that people have joined facebook we may not be using lj as often. i can't believe the huge tidal wave of everyone joining at once.
Back to school today GAH!!!

Ah well. I am consoling myself as it is my last semester as an undergraduate. WOOT!

I am looking at doing a postgraduate degree at Sydney University the MTEACH, but I guess I should apply at ACU again :(

So uni this semester is 3 days a week. One day, Thursday at 8am start :-O  fascist!!!!!!!!!!! for Historiography, damn compulsory subject.

Dammit, this is really boring, school at 1pm today, exciting :)

Well. Since I have been a little lazy, and after reading Kate's holiday adventures I have finally got my act together and put together a fairly uneventful Melbourne pictorial thingo, uneventful for those who have been. Most probably 99% of you reading this. 

Best: Trams so so so great

          Bourke Street Mall, where we stayed.

          Myer and the basement, it was like shopping whilst on acid.

         Brunswick Street Vegie Bar.

         Japanese Budda restaurant at Federation Square.

         Eureka Skydeck. Highest Public viewpoint in the Sourthern Hemisphere and it is also an apartment block!
         Great Ocean Road, with Bells Beach and the 12 apostles. Great. Windy and rainy, but then there were rainbows.


Worst:  Shitty Melbourne weather did not fail to dissapoint. 

              Things somehow seemed a little pricer than Sydney. 

              Chapel Street, such a dissapointment. 

Anyways. Here are the pictures. 

Melbourne PicsCollapse )
Going to Melbourne.

Leave on Tuesday and return on Saturday, Joel and I are thinking that is long enough.

We are staying in Bourke Street Mall, so pretty good location.

Looking to go to markets and we are also doing the Great Ocean Road as oppossed to the penguins, which costs just as much.

I really wanna see Bells Beach.

Anyone got any tips for Melbourne?????
The fucked up world of Scientology. I can't believe it is a 'relgion' created by a mother fucking science fiction writer. :S

hello peopledoesn't that tell you there is something off about the 'cult' *cough.

Anyways, here is a tidbit for you.

In Germany the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior has warning leaflets for =   Islamic Extremism, Scientology and organised Crime :P

Now that is hillarious
Jared Leto is fucking 35 years old :-O   So so so shocked, I thought like 28 or 30. I remember the good old days of 'My So Called Life'

30 seconds to mars concert tomorrow at the horden pavillion. I managed to convince my cousin Nickola to come with me which was good, tix were only $56- bargain to see Jared Leto in his awesomeness of black eyeliner and emoness.

But are they really emo? I found this article sadly on ninemsn and thought I might share it, as it has some of what constitutes an emo band and what doesn't.

The rundown:
30 Seconds to Mars was formed in the late '90's by actor Jared Leto and his brother Shannon. In the early days Jared avoided using his own fame in promoting the band, a tactic which, given the track record of other actor-related bands such as Dogstar and 30 Odd Foot of Grunt, turned out to be a positive move.

Emo checklist:

Originates from a bland Midwest American state?
No. Hollywood.

Has the emo look?
Yes, two members with the emo fringe. The band members carry themselves with an understated melancholy, despite the fact they are probably the prettiest emo band on this list and should be rejoicing.

Self-identifies as emo?
The band use a phoenix logo called Mithra, as well as a logo called Trinity which is represented by three skulls and in Latin their motto (and yes they have a motto) reads "Launch forth into the deep". Join the dots on that one. To be fair, this is not proof they are emo — with this evidence one could also easily reach the conclusion they're a World of Warcraft guild.

Actually plays emo music?
Like My Chemical Romance they make unhappiness an epic celebration. They also covered a Bjork song which, while not a definitive sign of emo, is a good indicator.

Includes obscure and potentially intellectual book references in their song titles and lyrics? Check.
Conveys a sense of passion or anger while singing even if you have no idea what they're talking about? Check.

Would Brandon Flowers from The Killers want to beat them up?
Sure, why not?

Emo-ness rating: three stripes on this emo sweater.
They have the look, themes and music of emo, but really how emo can they be? Though Jared has downplayed his Hollywood connections it must be difficult to find things to get melancholy and angsty about when you're pretty, famous and everyone likes you. Actually, on reflection they should be awarded five stripes. If you've got all that positive stuff going on and you can still take the time to be emo, well, that's dedication to a cause.
"Older men declare war. But it is the youth that must fight and die."
Former President Herbert Hoover.
Such grief lately.

I think having Wednesday and Thursday off this week, has made me lazy. Hence I have decided to take today off. Yeah! One day week for me, + I am partly pissed that all the Roosevelt books in the library are frieken gone, and there are none at the 5 branches of the fucking warringah library.

Had such a hard week with the boy. Everything is going wrong, pretty close to the date he is coming. I think maybe I am anxious. I am not sure whether he is making the right decision, it is his decision, yes, but I am still worried. Jim (boss with  whom I pour my issues about the 12 year old about)  thinks the shit he has pulled is worthy of dissmissal :P but that was  a while ago. I think the worst is still bad, since I skipped visiting Manhattan for him, to be alone in an apartment, that still cuts me dammit. I <3  NYC and I needed to visit it and not get stood up! 

It is so shotty having to wait this long. I just can't cop out on someone with a one way ticket though. That would be evil. + I don't want to.
It would make me look stupid after the past 4.5 months.

Aye, maybe too much ranting which actually makes no sense. But anyhow.

Oh I was inspired to write this about yousmeghead  saying that this is what lj is for right? ranting useless crap. even if no one reads it :P

oh yes and this fucking V3 phone ordeal, she sent me a phone, with a battery which doesn't work, as well as the phones #9 doesn't work, a bit cruicial huh? damn ebay, the first time it has let me down.

EDIT# 1   Things are going pretty well now with Joel. Things are pretty much worked out. Now there is still another holiday debarcle to sort through :P

#2 We mus go on down to the blue mountains, excellentey. Maybe on the 19th or something, like the day before Kate's brunch thingo. I am essay free virtually then, just the one more, otherwise I am so bogged down with an essay or two every week until the end of the semester.
+ we gotta do it before Kate leaves for her adventure ;)  maybe i can borrow the car, and we can drive down, instead of shitty rail.
It's official

(well in lj status)

People rate sleeping over sex. Interestingly even swimming comes before sex under interests.

#EDIT  I am just whinging because I miss it.

Members of the emo subculture are portrayed by critics as melodramatic, self-pitying teenagers who pour their efforts into writing bad poetry and spending a great amount of time on MySpace

It's not everyday you see a man on a scooter type contraction, being pulled along Warringah Road by his three Siberian Huskies. 

Well it's not everyday, but it was today.

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool... and alot of the songs fit with the setting

My SoundtrackCollapse )

Some were pretty good, including Mental Breakdown, First day of school and Getting back together ...well at least that is what I thought anyhow. 857 songs and it had to spit out George Michael twice and the only Ricky Martin song I have :P

Ok. I have heard it all. 

Coffee shop. Usual Monday. 

This lady and her son come in several times a week, each order a latte and another one to go. She is a lovely lady from Hong Kong, obscenly wealthy, has been living here for a few decades. Visits Hong Kong every couple of times a year.

Ok then. 

You ask, why does she need the take-away latte? She must really like coffee...

Well, that might be  a logical guess. It was my guess. But alas my friends, it is wrong.

She orders the coffee for her husband. Deceased 10 years. 
She takes him a coffee everyday, to the cemetary which is just down the road. 

Thats nice :S

Earth Hour - Saturday 31 March 2007, 7:30pm-8:30pm
so annoyed at the world and the people in it right now. grrrrrr

in other words, anthony callea finally came out, or those poor blind little italian girls, no hope now.
I have been listening to Sara way to much on the way to and from Uni.

I have been listening to John Mayer too much on my home stereo :S

What is the world coming to???

I think it is just going to be too much of a headache to get into the city this Sunday. So I think I am just going to bludge at home.

Last night on the way home on the vomit comet City to Hornsby. I couldn't help but notice a couple who had boarded, all lovey dovey at about 2.30-3am. 

It was sad. 



He had his arms around her waist, she was clutching them. They were both looking in the reflection of the bus window and smiling at each other, the girl was swaying a little side to side and grinning. 

*voice in her head* hehehehehe I love him so much we are going to be together forever. Look how cute we are together. hehehehehe giggle 

They did this the entire time. Looking at their reflections in the window, then they sat down, she sat on him and she still looked at the reflection in the window. 

I wanted to gauge her eyes out. 

And vomit...everywhere it was sickening. who the fuck does that.

It was sad. 

They'll probably break up in a months time. They looked juvinielle. 

Seroiusly. Have you ever seen anything like that, so done anything like that yourself. errrrrrrrrrrrrr no.

Hello All!

An official invite to my birthday festivities!!!

Where: Oxford street, bar hopping

When: Saturday 10th March

Time: Meet at Chatswood station at arounf 6.15 - 6.30pm until whenever

Everyone is all invited please come, you can invite anyone you want. 
It is just an excuse to party again. Oxford Street should still be buzzing from the Mardi Gras on Saturday!

EDIT: We might find a small place to have some appetizers before da partying commences ;)

Who doesn't love Sydney storms? Thanks to February, we are getting a shitload of them. Gotta love it when it gets too humid and sticky and the earth can't cope so it buckets down, causes electricity and most of the areas dogs to bark like mad. 

it is awesome. Today, I have sought refuge in the school library. Pretty good now. More comupters ;) Surfing the net and saving my battery power from my poor Frogsta iPod listening to You Tube video clips :) Before I was sadly listening to Mix 106.5 on the net :S
They cut access to messenger :( but allow people to access everything else like You Tube :S and nero burning systems :S

It is my graduating year everyone!  I graduate this year with a BA, not without doing my 'Volunteer experience' though. i.e. Community Service for a non profitable organisation. 
So far today I have e-mailed a few organisations. Red Cross, Animal Welfare League and one other I have forgotten :P
I hope I get the Animal Welfare League, because it is only at Ingleside, and I would get to work with Kitties!  It will be sad to see them go, but I hope I can work something out there. It is for 15 days, or 120 hours. 
If you don't do it, you don't get your degree. (along with the compulsory Theology or Philosophy)

I am also currently applying for Post Graduate Studies. I am going to do the M Teach for Secondary in '08-09. 
I have decided to do the Dip Ed. Then in my final year complete my masters if all goes well. 
The Masters options aren't very exciting. 

With Specialisations in

  • Career Education
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics Education
  • Pastoral Care Leadership
  • Teaching and Learning

But hopefully I will be able to choose one. At this stage Literacy looks good. I hate secondary students who have shotty reading capabilites, I don't know how they find there ways into Uni, we need to stamp it out :P

I will however get credited for the subjects I have already done, as Education is my other minor. 

So now my friends I am going to teach History and English. I only just scrape by with my English Credits. Thank God! or else I would be doing winter school. Not very exciting. That or Shakespeare this semester. I don't know what would be worse. 
In short I have History credit coming out of my ears thanks to Canada, but not much English :P It's too boring here. 

Watch out everyone. Don't stand under a tree. And take your underwire off ;) miaow!

Hello all!

Yes, 'tis the fabulous me. Well maybe not fabulous, but 'tis me. 

It is the commencement of University today.  My third year back, yet only my second back at ACU Strathfield. Excitement +

Walk from station was longer than i remembered about 25 mins, $13 for weekly train pass. But that is off peak, and next week I won't get it so cheap damn and $4.60 return on the bus each day faaaaaaaaark, damn the Forest Coach Lines.

I have no idea where my first and only 50 min lecture is. TS19 WTF? It's in 30 mins, wish me luck at 4pm. I shall conquer and find. 

I have seen the massive queue for the student centre...insane...so I just popped in and picked up a change of course form, not wanting to wait and ask about it, and a new ID since mine is from '05. 

Bookstore, or should I say toilet cubicle *cough* queue worse than Student centre. Must wait, cannot even browse for books. Too small of an area. Yet nothing like the queue to purchase books at the UNB bookstore, what a fucking snake of a queue! 

Improvements I have seen thus far...twice as many computers in the library. Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They even have those express ones where they logg you out automatically after 15 mins. 

Had to purchase an all important copy card. Yes, nice and hard like a credit card :)  And re-loadable to any amount you want. Still 12 cents a copy. 

Isn't this all fascinating!!!!!!

Well I need to find out where my class is. I have a suspicion it is actually right above my head. I am currently acoss from the Gleeson auditorium where i have such memories of Education lectures, clearly my class this semester isn't that big, as it is only in the Rice theatre. Exciting!

Yeah!!! School.!!!  Have fun everyone!!!!!!

I did however have lunch in the city with the fabulous Kate! Sorry for taking so long in choosing. You should have chosen!!! And forced me to have eaten it!!!

I did buy me a cool new case for my iPod. Nice but it is black and covers it's awesome greeness. 

Also purchased some Ab FAB sunglasses from Esprit. They are coolies. 

Well um...i need to know how to get home now. 

LOL I am a New South Welshman...it cracks me up everytime Iemma says that
Ok, so it is finalised, pretty much. 

For my b'day festvites, really just a get together. We are going to head up to Oxford street, a week after mardi gras. 

So for most it will be 2 weeks or so into Uni. So all is well hopefully. 

Sat 10 March. 7pm onwards. 

We can meet on the train or something I guess. 

I want to check out the place which Clare said was good. 
And I want to pick me up a girlfriend ;)

So ok.

Mardi Gras is on the first weekend of March, I think we are planning to go right?
I was going to have a birthday thing on that weekend, but was reminded by my mother, about the mardi gras, she is trying to give me tips :P

So, I thought we could do something on the 24th? I want to go clubbing, but first, quiestish drinks. Maybe the Greenwood first, then the city?

Give me some suggestions guys!

EDIT: drinks on oxford, clubbing in the gay bars ;) 

I was thinking now the week after mardi gras. Feb is pretty crazy right now



Concerts. Click on the link if you would like to see John Mayer 



Click on the link if you would like to see Evanescence




Get back to me asap

So there's the Domain this Saturday right?